About NekoNeko Maid and Host Club

NekoNeko Maid and Host Club is a place to unwind during the convention, where our guests can rest their feet, have a pleasant conversation, play fun games, and enjoy a wholesome, family friendly song and dance show. The club is an interactive experience.

NekoNeko's Values:

We at NekoNeko pride ourselves in performances that are appropriate and entertaining for all ages. Our values extend from the content of our show (set list, decor, uniforms, etc.) to the behavior of our cast.
Our maids are friendly, sociable, and devoted to making sure the guests are comfortable, happy and that, above all else, no one is left feeling bored or left out.
However, much like the cafes and clubs that our group is inspired by; there is a line that must be drawn. Touching, fishing for personal information, flirting or any other sort of inappropriate affection will not be tolerated. The club is here to allow visitors to relax and enjoy themselves, not to find a date.

NekoNeko's Host Convention Relations:

NekoNeko staff follows our host conventions' guidelines in their entirety.
NekoNeko believes in an open communications policy with the host convention and provides the means to do so (e-mail, telephone).

(If you are the Official Programming Representative and would like us to host our cafe for your convention, please feel free to contact us at nekonekomaidandhostclub@gmail.com!)
For further information, try our FAQs!

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