NekoNeko Maid and Host Club is looking for girls and guys 17+ who are ready to participate in a high school style Maid and Host Club!

As a maid or host you'll have the opportunity to cosplay your very own maid or hostess character that you create from scratch or base on your favorite anime and manga characters. Dress up in the cutest maid outfits and show your skills in dancing, para para, singing, and overall being super kawaii! If accepted you will be involved in one of most anticipated events of the year!

What will you be doing other than acting super cute, you ask? Well we'll tell you! As a maid or hostess you'll work closely with our customers. You get the opportunity to discuss your favorite anime, video games, music, and fandom with other fans from the community. Enjoy your time playing fun games such as tic-tac-toe, Jenga, jankenpon, and many many more. As well as your dreams of being on stage coming true! We're looking for maids who are enthusiastic about J-Pop and dance, and willing to get up on stage and perform your favorite songs with other maids, or even solo if you think you can do it! And you get to do all of this as some of the cutest maids to ever walk into the convention center!

As maids you get to have your very own merchandise. Photo cards, and even posters, of yourself that will be customized by Neko Neko Maid and Hostess Club staff just for being one of our maids! The cards and posters will be sold at our merchandise table and part of the profit goes to you! What's better than having tons of fun while you're making money? Oh that's right. Having fans! The photo cards and posters your fans get will have a space for an autograph. That means they can pay for you to sign their cards and posters that they will cherish as a memory of the great time they had at the club!

Leading up to the convention we'll have a maid only web forum that will have challenges, quizzes, online events, character development games, and updates to keep you involved and to help you work on your persona! This is where we will be doing training for the actual event such as dance lessons, song practice, and maid manners. It will be the most exclusive forum on the web considering we're only looking for a moderate amount of maids. As a Neko Neko Maid you will be part of one of the most exclusive and elite groups in the anime community!

So you're sold right? You want to work with us? What do you have to do!? Simple. Audition!

Here's our audition form, if at all possible we would like to have all the questions answered in a video response, it can be as long as it takes for you to express yourself. This video is our first impression of you! It's our only way of getting to know who you are and why you want to be part of Neko Neko, so give it your best shot!

The audition is broken up into two parts:

Stage 1
- Questionnaire Questions we ask you to get to know you and see if you're up to par with our maid standards!
- Singing We'd like you to sing anything from acapella (no music) N*Sync that you have memorized from first grade to completely polished karaoke cover of Morning Musume's latest single. We would like to have these done in a video response but it is acceptable to send them in as an audio file. Please note the singing must be your voice and your voice alone unless you used a karaoke that had background vocals on it. We're trying to hear you! Not your karaoke group! The higher the quality the easier it is for us.

Stage 2
- Dancing This must be video recorded with your webcam, camera, or video recorder. Again higher quality is easiest on us. Our wonderful Choreographer Miki and Maid Leader Kitti have made these easy to follow audition dance videos for you to audition with the default dances for audition being Anataboshi or Aisu Kurimu to My Purin. If you already know a dance that you feel show your skills more than the aforementioned two please feel free to send them to us in a video. However, the video must be current and recorded for this audition. Also, it is important to note that, should you choose to use one of our default dances, you will be sent the video after completion of stage one! (Which is singing + questionnaire!)
(If you can't do the entire audition in video it's acceptable to do typed responses for the questionnaire, however, we won't get to know you as well. Also, part of your audition will still have to be in video format.)

Audition FAQs!

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