What will I be doing as a NekoNeko Maid or Host?

As a NekoNeko maid or host, you will entertain patrons with fun games (like Don't Break the Ice and Jenga), interesting conversations, and, of course, our performances. There will also be merchandise available for patrons to purchase, some of the items being photo cards (with space for an autograph) and photo opportunities with the maid/host taken at the event.

Will I be able to accept tips or gifts?

Of course, who are we to stop you from getting that? We do have a system for tips which will be explained upon acceptance. Gifts, however, are to be accepted at your own discretion! :)

When should I submit my audition by?

You should submit your audition as soon as you are able to because, if you are accepted, you'll have more time to learn our show!

What are you guys looking for in a maid or host?

While being able to sing and dance is a plus, perhaps the biggest thing we are looking for would be a great personality!

What format should I send my audition form in?

We most definitely prefer your audition to be in video format. While we are willing to accept the questionnaire portion in text, we require that the song and dance portions be in mp3 and video format, respectively.

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