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12 October, 2010

Well howdy again! Just popping in to let you know, you can now purchase pre-sale tickets for Sonicon here!! We hope to see you there! Also! The Sac Anime 2010 event footage is up on YouTube! You can also view it on our Gallery page!

Posted on 2013 Aug 09 by Miki
19 September, 2010

Gee wilikers! Here's a quick little update! Both Mechacon and Sac Anime were a great success!! Thank you everyone for attending our shows! Next up is Oni-con on Halloween weekend! You can purchase pre-sale game cards for this event here! Also, I'll be adding some links around the site soon~!  Mostly stuff like our YouTube videos and to our customer images!  EDIT: Gallery up!

Posted on 2013 Aug 09 by Miki
26 June, 2010

So, you may notice that little donate button up there! *points up* If you choose to do so, you can use that button to donate to Neko Neko's general fund which helps purchase/restore games and helps our maids get around! This button is only if you want to donate to Neko Neko in general! If you want to donate to a specific maid or host, look for the donate button on their profile! [And yes, I'm aware many don't have profiles yet. Sorry~ It's only partially my fault. :p Also, I'm aware of the team color inconsistencies...Whoops. xD It'll get fixed, I swear! :D]

Posted on 2013 Aug 09 by Miki
19 June, 2010

Wow! So yes, the maid page has been updated a bit! :o The profiles will come later~ A-kon was a great success and we had a ton of fun!! We hope you did too! Next is Mechacon! There's a countdown to it down there!! We hope to see you guys there!!

Posted on 2013 Aug 09 by Miki
21 February, 2010

Sorry for what appears to be no updates! We've been so busy getting ready for our shows, it's just been so hectic!! Check out our events page when you get a chance! We're working on that big surprise! :D So stay tuned! And remember, we'd love to see you audition!

Posted on 2013 Aug 09 by Miki

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